Mr. Abimbola Akinyemi ( Founder/ Chairman)

Mr. Abimbola Akinyemi is a clinical psychologist and social entrepreneurial (Professional Chef with 21 years of experience) with many years of experience in volunteering and social works. He founded the NGO with the aim of alleviating the crisis of drug addiction / mental challenges among the children and youths of Nigeria. He is also the project coordinator of the NGO. He is passionate about giving back to the society and investing in the future of the youths. He was motivated to start the NGO when a young abled body drug dependent man who was mistaken for a burglar was almost lynched, but through his timely intervention he discovered that the young man was drug dependent and not in his right state of mind. He was lucky to have escaped death by whisk. So the need to start the NGO became urgent and necessary because his case was one in thousands of many youths that are abusing drugs/substances in Nigeria. As a clinical psychologist who is well grounded in psychotherapy and other psychological healing skills have assisted a lot of youths that are emotionally traumatized and suicidal many atimes. Mr. Abimbola Akinyemi presides over every meetings , interface with donors / donor agencies , government agencies and philanthropists in a bid to sustain the organization.