Center for Youth Mental Health and Drug Prevention (CYMHDAP) is a non- profit / non-governmental organization (NGO) that was founded in January, 2018. CYMHDAP was incorporated with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with IT: 105573. CYMHDAP is a children/ youth oriented NGO that is driven by the passion to assist children, youths and families that are struggling with the effect of drugs/substance abuse which sometimes may lead to mental disorder. The NGO engage in evidence based prevention/intervention practices. CYMHDAP through the mechanism of effective advocacy, education , prevention research, treatment (through referral program) and skills development have been able to put hope and smile on the faces of the children, youths and families.
CYMHDAP engages the children, youths and parents through our robust programs such as seminars, workshop, paper presentation, symposium, training, skills development and our patient programs with our teams of professionals.​


  • Advocacy
  • Prevention
  • Education
  • Research
  • Skills development


We pride ourselves in the following:

  • INTEGRITY : we are open, transparent and accountable in all our dealings with persons and organizations and respect for privacy.
  • DISCREET: we respect our client(s) and families and make sure their information’s and privacy are intact always
  • ACCOUNTABILITY / TRANSPARENCY: we give account of every penny given to us and our books are open for accountability.
  • COMPETENCY: we always demonstrate excellent performance in all our programs with high standard.
  • DEDICATION: we passionately show high commitment to our clients/families and members who are loyal to the course of the organization.
  • RESULT DRIVEN: we always aim for positive result in all our programs and in our client/families
  • SCIENTIFIC: we use modern psychotherapy method and objectivity in all our dealings


Drug/substance abuse

  • Addition
  • Mental
  • Health/wellness
  • Risky behaviors/HIV
  • Prevention
  • Behavioral change
  • Crime prevention / corruption eradication


Two schools per week: under this program we have gone to over 56 public and private schools in Nigeria where students are enlightened about evidence based school prevention practices in line with the United Nations standard. A lot of students have been testifying to this timely and effective program.

Our Personality Mentorship Program where personalities that are free from drug dependency who are seen as idols to the youths  are used to advocate in print media , bill board and electronic media in advocating to the youths about the danger of substance / drug abuse and their general mental wellbeing.
We also advocate through the use of our Drama Troupe to sensitize the children and the youths by going to schools to have a stage play and also churches. This stage play has assisted a lot of children and youths that are contemplating drug abuse and suicide to renounce the idea. 

The NGO has conducted a lot of training for students, teachers and parents on school based evidence prevention practices. This is in line with United Nations sustainable development goal 3. This prevention practice has opened a lot of parents understanding on how to rightfully handle adolescents and young adults. This has also help in preventing brain damages as a result of substance / drug abuse among children and youths.   Our Peer – Peer education program where a drug free child / youth will mentor and educate a child / youth that is contemplating going into substance / drug abuse which may destroy their central nervous system and other part of the body.
Workshops / seminars are also organized in conjunction with relevant professional bodies to prevent drug / substance abuse among the children and the youths.

CYMHDAP is also interested in the education of the children and the youths of Nigeria because an educated society is a developed society. We encourage girl child education and children in general to go to school so that they will not be vulnerable or become victim of substance / drug abuse and general abuse as a whole. This is line with United Nation sustainable development goal 4. The NGO’s program (Debate and Quiz competition among public and private schools) on education has been attested to be very effective.  Outstanding schools are rewarded financially or given scholarship. Our quarterly comic magazine that is full of fun and also educative is also an effective way that the NGO has educated the children and the youth about the danger of abusing substance / drug and their general mental wellbeing. 

The NGO have successfully collated datas that have helped in mitigating against drug / substance abuse, suicide ideation and mental disorder. This has made us to know the gender that is abusing drug more in the recent times and also gender that is susceptible to mental disorder and suicide in Nigeria. We have used both covert and overt observational participants in gathering information about latest and trending drugs / substances most especially in high schools and tertiary institutions.


This is one of the major core area of the NGO because we as an NGO believe that an unemployed youth  are idle hands which is the devil’s workshop  by so doing we take skills development  ( vocational training ) to be very important in preventing and reducing drug / substance abuse / misuse among children and the youth. Over time, several hundreds of children and youths have benefitted from our sister organization (Foodandall Vocational Center) where both rehabilitated / reintegrated youth have been empowered through choice skills. This has helped in reducing suicide ideation among the youths and the society as a whole. This program is in line with United Nations sustainable development goals 1, 2, 3, 8 and 10.
Prior to the establishment of the NGO the founder have been training the youths on skills development and financial sustainability. We believe that the youths must do decent and legal job to sustain and support themselves in a country like Nigeria in order to reduce crime rate in our society. Youths are trained on different skills ranging from culinary, barbing, welding , sewing, tiling, ICT, phone repair and furniture making.   After the completion their program in vocational school, well-meaning people in the society and government will be encouraged to support them with equipments and shops for a startup.

The staff and members of the NGO  have attended  a lot of capacity building seminars  and trainings both locally and internationally. Recently the NGO sponsored the founder / chairman to United Nations / United States Department / ISSUP organized training / workshop at United Nations office  in Vienna Austria  and many locally organized by European Union (EU), UNODC, NNNGO, CSNetSDA to mention but few.
The NGO also donates to orphanage and prisons inmates food items on international day of doing good and occasionally as a social support program from the NGO.   


Our mission is to help alleviate individual(s) and family(ies)that are battling with mental, behavioral and drug addiction disorder.


To help facilitate healthy and safe community, where positive lifestyle, good mental and behavioral health is priority – characterized by our common goals and objectives


  • To have a clear understanding of and sensitivity to the children and youths
  • To appreciate and practice integrated application of the most current psychotherapy, psycho-dynamics clinical care and psycho-education.
    To engage and cooperate with the persons and organizations working together for the general benefits of the children and youths.
    Commitment to promoting good behavioral and improving the mental wellbeing of our society.
    To research, advocate about dangers in abusing drugs while promoting peer-peer education.
    To help improve the socio – economic well-being of the youths by providing and empowering them with good skills (Vocational Skills).
  • To reach out to adolescents and youths that is vulnerable to drug / substance abuse.
    To work in line with United Nations / International best practice standards.
    To educate the public about stigmatization of persons struggling with drug addiction / mental disorder.
    To help reduce suicide rate among the youths in Nigeria.
    To work in line with United Nations Sustainable Development goals.
    To educate the youths about corrupt practices
    To help reduce school drop outs among the youths


  • 2 schools per week project
  • Personality mentorship program
  • Referral / treatment program
  • Debate/ quiz competition on drug abuse and mental health among children and the youths.
  • Our half yearly comic magazine ( the goons and their hood)
  • Our drama troupe
  • School seminars , youth’s performance , summit , road shows , workshop/training , skills and development


Children and the youths

WFAD: World Federation Against Drug
UNODC: United Nation Office on Drug and Crime
WBG: World Bank Group
WFMH: World Federation for Mental Health
IAVE: International Association for Volunteer Effort
ISSUP: International Society of Substance Use Professionals
GDI: Good Deed International
DI: Dianova International
ANZMHA : Australian New Zealand Mental Health Association
NDLEA: National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (Kogi state Command )
NAFDAC: National Agency for Food Drugs and Administration Control
NYSC: National Youth Service Corp
NNNGO: Nigeria Network of Non -Governmental Organizations
NMHC: Nigeria Mental Health Coalition
CSNetSDA: Civil Society Network on Substance and Drug Abuse

Numbers Don’t Lie

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Award Won


This is the highest decision making body of the organization which is headed by the founder / Chairman Board of trustees.

Mr. Abimbola Akinyemi

Mr. Abimbola Akinyemi

Founder/ Chairman

Mr. Abimbola Akinyemi is a clinical psychologist and social entrepreneurial (Professional Chef with 21 years of experience) with many years of experience in volunteering and social works.

Mrs. Sandra Salam

Mrs. Sandra Salam


Mrs. Sandra Salam is an early childhood professional with many years of crèche experience. She has special interest in children’s welfare and development. She is the secretary of the organization. She takes and keeps the records or meetings, issuing memos and proof reading external memo.

Barrister  Grace Obeahon

Barrister Grace Obeahon

Legal Adviser/ PRO

Barrister Grace Obeahon is the legal professional with years of experience in public and civil law. She counsels the NGO on the laws guiding the conduct of the NGO in Nigeria. She is also a social worker with special interest in the youths. She also doubles as the public relation officer. She is a social entrepreneurial (fashion designer)

Doctor Afe Duke

Doctor Afe Duke

Head of Medical Team

Doctor Afe Duke is a specialist in children’s health (Pediatrician) with special interest in children’s mental wellbeing. He is also passionate about the mental wellbeing of the youths. He has many years of experience and also passionate about reducing sickness as a result of drug dependence.

Mrs. Florence Adewale

Mrs. Florence Adewale

Head of Counseling

Mrs. Florence Adewale is the mother of the NGO with large heart and several years of experience in counseling youths and marriages with challenges. She is an assistant pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God. She works with National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) headquarter in Maitama , Abuja ...

Mr. Oloruntoba Alabi

Mr. Oloruntoba Alabi

Auditor/ Accountant

Mr. Oloruntoba Alabi is an accountant/ auditor with many years of experience in NGO accounting. He has worked and still working with reputable international organizations. He is also passionate about the mental wellbeing of our future leaders ( the youths). He is also an assistant pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God.


Aside Mr. Abimbola Akinyemi who is the chief executive officer of the NGO, there are several other backroom staffs that have contributed and still contributing immensely to the growth and development of the NGO. These staff had been the driving force that have made the NGO to achieve most of its aims and objectives.


Hajia Fatima Yusuf ( Head Program Planning and Strategy )
Miss. Florence Richard ( Supervisor Monitoring and evaluation)
Mrs. Blessing Tyavkor ( Social Welfare Officer )
Mr. Olugbenga Akinyemi ( External Auditor)
Mr. Zacheaus Olaolu ( Occupational Therapist)
Mr. Simeon Oluwagbemi ( Moral Counselor)
Mr. Adejo Ameh ( Graphic Designer)
Mrs. Amaechi Marthar ( Welfare Officer)

Miss. Oluchuckwu Umeononamma ( Social Worker)
Mr. Felix Abu ( Drama Department)
Miss. Roselyn Irikiti ( Admin Officer)
Miss. Bucky Aimila ( Office assistant)
Mr. Samuel Olorunfemi ( ICT)
Miss. Tomi Adewale ( Medical Officer )
Miss. Idiat Yahaya ( Financial Officer )